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Birthday Countdown Calendar

Birthday Countdown Calendar

Build birthday excitement with a cute cupcake countdown calendar! Tools & … [Read More...]

Yardstick Table

Vintage Style Yardstick Table

Make a vintage style table with old rulers and yardsticks! Materials Rectangular … [Read More...]

Party In A Box

Birthday Party In A Box

This gift is a party in a box! Materials 3 round craft boxes: 10", 7½", 5" … [Read More...]

Rickrack Bracelets

How To Make Rickrack Friendship Bracelets

Materials Jumbo rickrack (5/8" wide) in two colors Beacon Fabri-Tac glue 1/2" braided … [Read More...]

Paper Mosaic Vase Beauty Shot

Make a Pretty Mock Mosaic Vase

Materials Vase Vintage-finish scrapbook paper in light green, dark green, magenta, … [Read More...]

Balloon Flipflops 2

Fun Balloon Flip-Flops!

Materials Brightly colored rubber flip-flops 74-82 multi-colored water balloons, about … [Read More...]

Bottle Cap Bugs

Bottle Cap Bugs!

What’s More Fun Than Bottle Cap Bugs?! Materials Bottle cap Plaid Folk Art Enamels: … [Read More...]

Shell Matchboxes

Seashell Matchboxes

Turn beachcomber finds into little memory boxes! Tools & … [Read More...]