Change Of Heart Convertible Necklace

Change Of Heart Necklace

This sweet heart charmer has a double clasp design that takes it from necklace to bracelet in a snap. It’s two gifts in one!

Silver 12mm round flower filigree box clasp, 2 sets.
7-Strand bead stringing wire, 0.46mm, 12”.
Silver wire guardians, 0.019”, 2.
Silver 1mmx1mm crimp beads, 2.
Crimp bead covers, 3mm, 2.
Silver heart charms, various designs, 12mm to 15mm, 4.
Silver heart charms, various designs, 25mm to 30mm, 5.
Silver round beads, 3mm, 11.
Silver round beads, 6mm, 19.
Silver 7mm oval loop cable chain, 9”.
Silver jump rings, 4mm, 11.

Chain-nose pliers.
Round-nose pliers.
Flush cutters.

1. To start one end of the bracelet, cut a 12” length of stringing wire. Feed a crimp bead onto one end, then slide the end through a wire guardian. Slide the tongue of the clasp onto the wire and wire guardian. Then feed the end of the wire back into the crimp bead. Push the crimp bead tightly against the wire guardian and flatten the crimp bead with the chain-nose pliers. Trim the end of the stringing wire. Slide a crimp cover onto the crimped bead and press closed with the chain-nose pliers.

2. Attach a jump ring to each heart charm. Open the jump ring with the chain-nose pliers on one end and the round-nose pliers on the other. Then twist the ends of the ring away from each other like opening a door. Slide onto charm, then twist closed.

3. Slide the silver beads and heart charms onto the wire. Create a pattern of 3 round beads varying the size, a heart charm, then 3 more round beads, another charm, and so on. Add the heart charms into the pattern smaller first, larger in the middle, and smaller at the other end. Your bracelet should measure 7.5” long including the clasp.

4. Finish the end of the bracelet with the box housing part of the clasp following the directions in step 1.

5. To make the necklace extension, slide the tongue of the second clasp into the open clasp of the bracelet. Attach a jump ring to the clasp and slide the end of a 9” length of chain onto the jump ring. Attach a jump ring to the other end of the chain and attach the box housing of the second clasp. Slide the box housing onto the tongue clasp of the bracelet to complete the necklace.

Toggle Switch: Even though we love toggles, we chose to use box clasps for this convertible necklace because they look more like pretty beads than connectors.

Change Of Heart Bracelet

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