Lapis of Luxury Necklace

Bask in the beauty of semi-precious stones and sterling silver with this artsy, beaded necklace.

Lapis of Luxury Necklace

Lapis lazuli briolette, 11 mm, 1
Lapis lazuli faceted coin beads, 10 mm, 4
Silver coin beads, 9 mm, 2
Faceted nickel beads, 3 mm, 18
Silver round beads, 2 mm, 12
Silver wire with copper core, 20 gauge, 40”
Silver wire with copper core, 26 gauge, 20”
Sterling-plated cable chain, 7 mm wide, 9”
Sterling-plated lobster clasp, 1

Tools & Supplies
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. To create each U-shaped component, use the wire cutters to cut a 2” length of 20-gauge wire. Use the round-nose pliers to curl a small loop in each end of the wire. Shape the wire into a half circle by bending it around a pen. Repeat to create 6 U-shaped components.

Detail Lapis Lazuli Necklace

2. To add a bead to each U-shaped component, cut a 2½” length of 26-gauge wire. Start at the left side of the U and wrap the 26-gauge wire around the 20-gauge wire 6 times from bottom to top. Use the chain-nose pliers to squeeze the wire-wraps tightly together. Feed a coin bead onto the long end of that wire, then wrap the wire around the other side of the U 6 times (the wire will go through the bead diagonally). Trim the ends. Press any sharp ends down with the chain-nose pliers. Repeat to create 4 lapis lazuli coin components and 2 silver coin components.

3. To create each silver-beaded connector, cut a 1½” length of 20-gauge wire. Use the round-nose pliers to curl a loop in one end of the wire. String 1 silver round bead, 3 faceted nickel beads, then 1 silver round bead onto the wire. Curl a loop into the end and trim. Repeat to create 6 silver-beaded connectors.

Briolette Detail Lapis Lazuli Necklace

4. To wrap the lapis lazuli briolette, cut a 12” length of 20-gauge wire. Slide the briolette onto the wire leaving a 2” length on one side of the bead. Bend both sides of the wire up over the top of the briolette forming an X. Where the wires cross, use the chain-nose pliers to bend the short end straight up forming a neck. Measure ½” above where the wires cross and grip the neck with the round-nose pliers. Bend the wire around the pliers to form a loop, then wrap the end around the neck two times. Trim the end. Take the long end of the wire and wrap it around the top of the briolette from top to bottom about 6 times. Then start wrapping back up, making about 6 more wraps and ending at the top of the briolette. Trim the end.

5. To make the necklace, re-open the loop at one end of a silver-beaded connector. Slide the open loop through the top of the briolette, then close the loop. Connect the other end of the silver-beaded connector to the silver coin component in the same way. Add another silver-beaded connector, then a lapis lazuli coin component, then a silver-beaded connector, and a lapis lazuli coin component. Repeat for the other side.

6. Cut the cable chain into a 4” length and a 5” length. Attach one length to the last coin component. Repeat for the other side. Attach the lobster clasp to the 4” length of chain by opening and closing the last link of the chain.

Finishing Touch: To give your necklace a designer detail, cut a 1” length of 20-gauge wire. Make a tiny bend in the end and smash it flat with the chain-nose pliers. Place a silver round bead, a faceted nickel bead, and a silver round bead onto the wire, then make a loop in the other end. Attach it to the end of the 5” piece of chain.

Loopty Do: The best way to open a loop is with the “Twist Method.” Hold one side of the loop still, then grip the other side with chain-nose pliers and bend that side of the loop away from you in a twisting motion. This avoids spreading the loop, which can ruin the shape of your circle.

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