Make Room for Romance

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. This year, why not make the spirit of St. Valentine last by turning your boring bedroom into an enchanting love nest?

Heart Pillow

Think about it: guests rarely see your bedroom so it’s often the most neglected room in the house. A blasé bedroom hinders your love life so enhance romance with a red-hot room makeover. It’s time to send your bedroom a Valentine you can enjoy year-round!

Seven Secrets Throw Pillows

Seven Secrets for a Romantic Room

A few simple changes can increase intimacy no matter what your interior decorating style. Try these amorous touches to get your room in the mood.

1. Perform a cleansing ceremony. Remove items from the bedroom that clutter your love energy. Un-sexy stuff includes kids’ toys, self-help books, and piles of dirty laundry. Free your mind and your body will follow!

2. Get the bed moving. Shake up your love life by simply moving the bed. Try placing it in the corner at an angle to create dynamic tension.

3. Pile on the pillows. More is better when it comes to throw pillows. Not only do they add color and texture, they make a bed comfy and inviting.

4. Dress it up. Bedclothes are bed “clothes,” so dress your bed as you’d dress yourself–for a special occasion, of course. Go for soft, sumptuous fabrics and be sure they are your color.

5. Name the room. Send a flirty message by calling your bedroom “Lover’s Lane,” “The Kissing Booth,” or “Cloud Nine.” Hang a sign over the door and that message will be crystal clear to all who enter.

6. Light your fire. Candles are a pillar of mood lighting. A vanilla-scented candle stimulates desire, plus the light is flattering to all skin tones.

7. Seal it with a kiss. Displaying pictures of you and your honey kissing fills the room with love 24/7. Don’t have any lip-locked pics? Pop a Tic Tac and get started!

Seven Secrets Kissing Photos

Rendezvous in Casablanca


Your bedroom deserves a dramatic Valentine makeover, so start by embracing a romantic movie theme. A movie motif will sweep you off your feet every time you cross the threshold. If you’re up for a little adventure, escape to a Casablanca Bedroom. To get this look, cast your room in the dusty earth tones of Morocco. Add a lazy sweeping fan to set the scene in motion. Not sure what to do next? Your theme will answer all your decorating questions for you. What kind of seating would you have in a Casablanca Room? A fan-backed rattan chair. What kind of lighting? A classic lamppost, of course! Top off the room by hanging mosquito netting over the bed. This is the beginning of a beautiful bedroom.

Casablanca Bedroom Detail

Romeo and Juliet Forever

Another way to rev up the romance is to make your bedroom a tribute to the ultimate love story, Romeo & Juliet. Start with the vibrant palette of Verona–rich red and antique gold with details in deep blue lapis lazuli. Hang a large, framed mirror draped in silk roses to reflect the theme–and double your desire. Heighten the drama by putting your lamps on a dimmer switch, then light the room with a sea of candles. A Romeo & Juliet bedroom will rekindle romance and inspire imagination. A room by any other name would smell as sweet!

Romeo and Juliet Bedroom

The Sweetheart’s Suite

If a movie theme isn’t the ticket, take a four-star tip from a luxury hotel like The Ritz! Think 100% Egyptian-cotton sheets, a fluffy down comforter, and a plethora of pillows. Stock your own “mini bar” with a Toblerone, macadamia nuts, and tiny bottles of liqueur. Don’t forget the take-out menus! (While you’re at it, add some massage oil, a feather, and a satin blindfold for kicks.) Now fill the ice bucket, chill the wine, and place a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. There’s nothing like vacation romance–and this hotel room has no checkout time!

This Valentine’s Day, whether you redo your whole bedroom or just add a few romantic touches, decorating with love in mind is sure to spice things up. Now pour the champagne, nibble on those chocolates, and enjoy that Valentine’s feeling all year round. Your love life will thank you. XOX!

Mirror With Roses

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