Sweet Valentine’s Soaps

Sweet Valentine Soaps

Send a gift from the heart with chocolate-scented soaps wrapped in a classic candy box.

Materials For Soap
White “melt and pour” glycerin soap base, ¼ lb.
Unsweetened baking cocoa powder, 2½ tsp.
Chocolate fragrance oil
Heart-shaped candy mold

Materials For Gift Box
White or gold gift box, 3¾”x3¾”x1” (square jewelry box from department store)
Gold foil (found in cake decorating or floral sections)
Gold foil baking cups, bonbon size
Cardboard shirt box
Red ribbon, ¾” wide, 40” long
Red silk rose

Tools & Supplies
Steak knife
Glass measuring cup (microwave safe)
Glass bowl (microwave safe)
Glass custard cup (microwave safe)
Clear tape
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1. To make the chocolate soaps, use the steak knife to cut “melt and pour” soap base into smaller chunks and place in bowl. Melt in microwave for 30 seconds on high, then stir. Heat for 10 seconds at a time until all the soap is melted.

2. Create a mini double boiler by nestling a custard cup in a bowl of hot water. Pour 2-3 Tbsp. melted soap into the custard cup over the double boiler. Add 2½ tsp. cocoa powder and 15 drops of chocolate fragrance oil to the custard cup. Blend until smooth, then add the mixture back into the soap and stir together. Reheat if needed.

3. Pour the soap into the heart-shaped candy mold. Let cool for 20 to 40 minutes. Press the soaps out of the mold and place them into the gold foil baking cups.

4. To make the candy box, cut a 6½”x6½” heart out of a shirt box. Lay the cardboard heart onto the gold foil and trace a heart 2” bigger on the foil. Cut out the gold foil heart, wrap it around the cardboard heart, and tape it at the center. Repeat to create a second gold-covered heart.

5. Center the bottom of the gift box on the taped side of the gold heart and secure with hot glue. Glue the top of the gift box to the center of the other gold heart.

6. Place four gold baking cups filled with chocolate soaps in the bottom of the box and cover with the lid.

7. Tie the red ribbon diagonally around the heart box, hot glue the red rose to the center, and finish with a bow. So sweet!

(Although you only need four soaps for this gift, the recipe makes fifteen little, heart-shaped guest soaps.)

To make delightful “white chocolate” soaps, just substitute vanilla fragrance oil and leave out the cocoa powder.

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  1. Melinda McSpadden says:

    If I start making bath bombs, bath salts, sugar scrubs, etc now will they still be ok to give for Christmas presents?

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