Vanilla Rose Pomander

This Valentine’s Day, make an old-fashioned pomander scented with vanilla and rose.

Vanilla Rose Pomander

Styrofoam ball, 6″
cream silk shantung, 20″ x 20″
1 yard burgundy satin ribbon, 1½” wide
3 red silk roses, 3½”
6 pink dogwood blossoms, 3″
10 pearls
silver glitter
vanilla candle scent
rose candle scent
iron & ironing board
straight pins
Beacon’s Fabri-Tac
craft glue

1. Iron the silk shantung. Cut the fabric into a 20″ diameter circle. Center the Styrofoam ball on the fabric and pull two opposite sides up to cover the ball. Pin at the top. Pull the opposite sides up and pin. Fold and tuck the remaining fabric up around the ball and pin at the top.

2. To create a loop hanger, fold the end of the burgundy ribbon over 7″ and tie a knot. Use a straight pin to attach the ribbon (next to the knot) to the top of the ball. Wrap the long end of the ribbon around the ball and back up to the top and pin into place.

3. Remove three silk roses from their stems. To scent the pomander, dab the center of each rose with the rose scent and the vanilla scent. Let dry. Use the Fabri-Tac to glue the roses around the loop so they face out.

4. Remove the pink dogwood blossoms from their stems. Paint craft glue onto the edges of the petals, applying more on some petals and less on others. Paint craft glue into the centers. Sprinkle with silver glitter. Let dry. Shake off excess. Glue two pearls into the center of each flower.

5. Tuck two dogwood blossoms between each rose, one over the other, and glue in place.

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