Velvet Heart Valentine Candle

Valentine's Day Flocked CandleGive a glass pillar candle a velvet touch with red flocking.

8-inch straight-sided glass candleholder (3.5-inch diameter)
6-inch white pillar candle
8.5 x 11-inch sheet vellum
Swirl Background stamp
Heart stamp
2 grams red flocking powder
2 ounces metallic gold acrylic craft paint
2 ounces red acrylic craft paint
Permanent double-sided tape
3 paper plates
3 1-inch-wide foam paintbrushes
Small bristle paintbrush

1. Squeeze the gold paint onto a paper plate and, using a foam paintbrush, apply to the Swirl Background stamp. Stamp the vellum with the Swirl Background stamp three times, reapplying the paint each time. Start by stamping partially off the vellum, then line up the edges of the stamp to create a solid band of swirls. Let dry.

2. Squeeze the red paint onto a clean paper plate and apply to the Heart stamp with a clean foam paintbrush. Stamp the vellum twice so that one stamp is on each side of the design. While the paint is still wet, generously sprinkle the red flocking onto the red stamped flourish. Tap the back of the vellum sheet with the end of the paintbrush to shake off any excess flock. Let dry.

4. Wrap the vellum around the candleholder and secure each end with a strip of the double-sided tape. Use the paintbrush to brush away any loose flock fibers.

5. Drop the candle into the candleholder.

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